Season 10 of The Walking Dead adds 6 More Episodes For 2021

The Walking dead Ended its Season 10 with a 15 Episode run and Delayed its Finale to Fall of 2020 due Post-Production work being pending due implications Brought by COVID-19.Episode 15,The Group has been taking refuge in an abonded Hospital and the Villianous Beta is on Journey with walkers to Sourround it.

During San Deigo Comic-Con home the Makers of the show reveled that the Finale will be aired on October 4 th and The New series set in walking dead universe titled ‘The Walking Dead:World Behind’ will also premeire on the Same days as the Main show’s Finale.The Walking Dead Panel also Revealed that a Additional of 6 Episodes will be added to Season 10 ans will be Released in Earlyh 2021.

With adding 6 additional episodes makes Season 10 as longest season and aslo breaks the traditional 16 Episode story arc.

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