Jurrasic World 3: A Epic,Global Story.

When Jurrasic World 3 returns to theaters it will be an Epic and Global Story to tell,According to the Movie’s Director.Moving the setting away from the Island and Dinosaurs roaming around the wider world brings a Fresh feel to the Stroy,Though it brings both Postivity and Negativity to the Franchise.


During the San Diego Comic-Con Home has Confirmed(Via:Colliders Directors on Directing) that what most people expected,Jurrasic World 3 will take place all over the world.As Called ‘Epic’ by Trevorrow and he aslo revealed that movie won’t be focused on a small group of People stranded on island which is the usual Setup for the previous movies.He added:

“I’m sure if you saw the last movie you know this is not just some people on an island anymore. It’s a large-scale, global, epic story with characters from the original Jurassic Park all in major roles, and of course Bryce and Chris.”

He also added:“a couple people in the center of a circle trying to make something feel real and honest

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