Rumor:Marvel Studios Will Adapt ‘Vision’s Quest’ as a Sub-Plot for WandaVision.

Most Rumored Plot Surrounding WandaVision Disney Plus suggests that Wanda Creating or Entering a World where she is Happly Married and Is a Mother of twins,as the series progress everything seem off and Wanda’s Desired world starts to Crumble.

One more confusing thing about the series came to light When Marvel Comics team S.W.O.R.D the Space Version sheild,which is teased at the End of Spiderman:Far From Home and led by none other than Nick Fury.Set photos have been leaked which shows the S.W.O.R.D Organisation Led by Monica Rambeau Played by Teyonah Parris.

A recent Post From Charles Murphy of the Murphy’s Multiverse Creates another Confusing Plot that will Unveil in Wandavision Disney Plus Series.


Murphy Reported this Rumor from his two most trusted Sources,who reveals that a Sub-Plot in WandaVision will take Inspiration from Marvel Comics Pages.The Reported Inspiration is taken from West Coast Avengers Story Arc “Vision’s Quest”.More Accurately it adapts Issue#42.This Issue deals with Vision going Missing and wanda Searches for him,eventually finding him striped to his metal frame all his data wiped.

Murphy revealed how his Sources Explained this will be adapted:

It looks like one of the subplots… centers on Wanda going Humpty Dumpty and trying to reassemble Vision after his parts have been scattered around the world. This is the part where a little context would go a long way but, unfortunately, none exists.

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