Brie Larson Reveals the Star Wars Role Which she lost.

Before getting the role of Captain Marvel in Marvel Cinematic Universe,Brie larson Acted in many Films.She also auditioned for a Star Wars Movie.it is not unusal that movie universes Collide.Both Starwars and Marvel Cinematic Universe belongs to The Walt Disney Company.

Sameul L. Jackson Potrayed Mace Vandu in Starwars Universe amd he went and to play Nick Fury in Marvel Cinematic Universe.Brie larson is a huge fan of both Franchises and she hopes to get a role in starwars too.

Due to Pandemic,Brie larson started a Youtube Channel,where she revealed the characters that she auditioned and lost,likes of Terminator,The Hunger games and Starwars.

Brielarson also plays the popular game Animal Crossing.She recently appeared in Gary Whitta’s Animal Taking Show.Gary Whitta is one of the Writer for Rouge One :A Starwars Story,Which is the movie Larson Auditioned.


During the Interview of Animal Taling Show via Comicbook.com,Brie Larson revealed that RougeOne is the Starwars Movie which she Auditioned for

Bonding over their shared experience with Disney franchises, Larson told Whitta: “oh yeah! You wrote Rogue One, right? I auditioned for that, I didn’t get it.”

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