Season 2 of The Walking Dead World Beyond is Being Written.

The Walking Dead:World Beyond will expand the Zombie Universe to new characters,Storylines and Settings in different cities.Season 1 finished its Filming way back before the Pandemic,it even fixed a date to premeire,but the pandemic made that impossible.

Twd:The World Beyond will now release on Oct4,Immediatly after The main show ends its finale.Filiming for Season 1 is already done and season 2 is currently being written.

Season 10 of The Walking Dead adds 6 More Episodes For 2021


Showrunner Matt Negrete made an appearance in the Walking dead universe pannel at San Diego Comic-Con Home panel and revealed details not only about the First Season,but also a still in develepment second season.

All of the first season is in the can. It’s all ready, ready to be aired. So I’m excited for that to happen. And we are in the midst of, the writers and I, working on season 2 right now. We’re in the thick of it. So half of my stress of this panel is making sure that I don’t actually say something spoilery because my head is so immersed in season 2 right now. But yeah, we were lucky in that we were able to wrap up post-production right before, actually just right around the time everything shut down because of the Covid situation.

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