Grand Moff Tarkin Will Reportedly Appear in Cassian Andor!

Starwars Future lies in Disney Plus for a while in future,as movies based on Starwars mythology are at a standstill due to numorous delays and production shutdowns.The Franchise only has shows that to stream in Disney plus at varaious stages of Development.

Among those series one is Cassian Andor.This series will be a prequel to RougeOne:A starwars Story,where the daring spy taking Missions to bring hope to the galaxy.Deigo Luna will reprise his role as Cassian Andor along with multiple Generations of Starwars Characters.


In an episode of Kessel Run Radio,Hosts Corey Van dyke and Noah Outlaw recealed that Grand Moff Tarkin,will make an aplearance in Cassian andor Disney Plus Series in some capacity.it still unclear who will potray the Character.

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