Justice Leauge Trailer and More Will Debut at DC Fandome,Says Zack Snyder.

DCEU had its biggest event in the form of JusticeCon this weekend.Zack Snyder Revealed a Synder Cut teaser featuring Superman in Blacksuit Meeting Alfred.This a Version of Scene which released as a Deleted scene in the DVD of Theatrical Version Justice Leauge.

SnyderCut of the Justice Leauge already one of the most awaited projects from DC comics,and won’t release until early 2021 in HBO Max.Zack Snyder Revealed new details regarding his cut ,which only made the mystery even hard to find.


Zack snyder made an appearance at Justice Con this weekend and recealed some intresting details regarding the Snydercut.He shared a Teaser featuring Superman in Blacksuit.He also revealed that a new title will be given and revelaed at Dc Fandome event along with a Trailer.

The event will also confirm whether the Snydercut will be releasing in a One long cut or will be in a mini episode format.

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