Ms.Marvel And Other Avengers Will Reportedly Feature in Captain Marvel 2.

With Ms.Marvel Disney plus series already in developmemt and Casting being underway,Marvel Studios making plans to make the character Kamala Khan a.k.a Ms.Marvel Familiar to audience.

Marvel did same thing with Black panther,where he was introduced in a Mini Avengers Movie CaptainAmerica:Civilwar and later giving him his own solo movies,which worked pretty good.

Having Ms.Marvel appearing as Supporting Character to Captain Marvel would be similar to the Mentor-Student Dynamic between Spiderman and Ironman in Spider-man:Homecoming.


According to a Exclusive Report by The Direct:, Ms. Marvel will appear in the sequel to Captain Marvel.

It is said that her appearance will be a supporting role, and the Captain Marvel sequel will also include many important MCU characters, with the film being described as a “mini-Avengers film.”
The film will also adapt the Secret Invasion comic storyline, which has already been rumored.

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