Fear The Walking Dead Season 6 Has MULTIPLE Time Jumps

Fear The Walking Dead was launched in 2015 as a prequel to the original series and has since become a success in its own right. Characters from the show have crossed over from The Walking Dead and vice versa. Most notably, Lennie James’ Morgan Jones, who has become a key character on Fear The Walking Dead. Season 6 of the show is set to air starting October 11. The plot for season 6 is still a mystery, thanks to the cliffhanger season 5 ending, which saw the core characters split up by Virginia across her communities, and Morgan left for dead after being shot by her.


This weekend, as part of the “AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead” panel at San Diego Comic-Con@Home, Gimple revealed that season 6 will feature multiple time jumps. Asked by host Chris Hardwick, who was reading out fan questions, if there would be a time jump this season, Gimple enthusiastically responded, thanking Hardwick for asking the question and saying, “Not only is there a time jump, but there might be time jumps!”

Gimple’s tease could also mean that the show jumps around in time, perhaps flashing back and forward in the way series such as Lost have done before. While Gimple tries to be coy by saying there “might” be multiple time jumps, it seems a given that Fear The Walking Dead season 6 will indeed at least jump forward in time more than once.

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