New Wonder Woman 1984 Trailer Set for August Debut With Inception Re-Release

Honestly, after the release date for Wonder Woman 1984 has been delayed three times now, it’s somewhat doubtful that the movie will even make its October release date either. At this point, many elements about the movie has already been spoiled if one is willing to look for it. So, it seems even more counter-productive to have another trailer with new footage that shows even more of the movie and potential plot.


Trailer Track is reporting (via Palads Teatret in Denmark) that Warner Brothers plans on showing a sneak peek of Tenet and new trailers for Dune and Wonder Woman 1984 in AugustIn between all of these delays, Warner Brothers has had to constantly continue the marketing for this movie, which Warner Brothers is still confidently pushing, despite the possibility of having to delay it’s release again.

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