Dave Bautista Tried to Get Iconic Villain Role

Outside of DC and Warner Brothers, this could also signal the end of Drax in the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise as Bautista was likely seeking out another franchise long-spanning role, which could have made him too busy to play The Destroyer. Drax could in fact be one of the characters expected to die in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

The rumors of Dave Bautista pursuing Bane began to rise when he tweeted himself at Warner Brothers saying “It won’t come to you so get after it!!,” implying that he was with them for a role, which many assumed to be Bane

A fan tweeted at Bautista about him playing Bane, which the actor actually addressed and confirmed that he indeed sought out the part, but was unsuccessful:

Another rumor that has circulated on the Internet for a while has been Dave Bautisa vying for the role of Bane, which the actor finally addressed on Twitter.

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