8 Characters Who Could Be A Skrull In MCU

The Skrulls‘ strategy for the conquest of humanity was rather simple: replace key people of power with one of their own to efficiently take down the hierarchy of Earth. Due to the Skrulls’ ability to look exactly like anyone and replicate their powers through science, it became impossible to differentiate a Skrull from who they were impersonating. The Marvel Cinematic Universe could be gearing up for an adaptation of Secret Invasion, but which characters will be revealed to be Skrulls? Marvel Studios is slowly laying the foundation for the MCU to take a crack at Brian Michael Bendis’ 2008 comic event. The comic series pitted heroes against one another in a plot of paranoia when it is revealed that the shape-shifting aliens known as Skrulls had taken the place of some major heroes. Let us take a look at the Characters who might be A Skrull Secertly

8.Jane Foster:

She hasn’t been anywhere to be seen in the MCU since Thor: The Dark World, but Jane will soon return to become Mighty Thor. It’s possible that this time off-screen could’ve been filled with the Skrulls taking over Jane’s life. This would make Jane becoming Thor all the more interesting, as a Skrull could then possess the power of Thor potentially if they were truly worthy. In that case, Jane being a Skrull would give the alien race another powerhouse on their side.

7.General Ross

Due to the limited role Ross has had in the MCU, there are plenty of opportunities for him to have been replaced. If his replacement came before Captain America: Civil War, then it could even add another reason for Ross wanting to be the one who has a say in where and when the Avengers can operate because of the Sokovia Accords.


Nakia is a trusted ally of T’Challa and helped turn his mind around on Wakanda helping the world. Her history as a spy could even play nicely with the reveal that she’s a double-agent working for the Skrulls. Plus, if the MCU doesn’t plan on making Nakia a villain like she was in the comics, the Skrull twist would be a new way to pull off a similar turn.

5.Baron Zemo:

Is it possible he has always been a Skrull in the movies? Such a reveal would retroactively put the Skrulls behind the Avengers breaking up due to Zemo’s plan in Captain America: Civil War, with their destabilization giving the Skrulls an easier path to claim Earth. Of course, since they missed an opportunity to take advantage of that, Zemo being a Skrull could eventually put the leader of the Thunderbolts on the Skrulls’ side.

4.Hank Pym:

Although the Skrulls could’ve taken over Hank back in the day, his decision to find a replacement with Scott Lang and help his daughter become Wasp is a bit counterproductive to the Skrulls’ invasion plans. But, if the Skrull who has become Hank isn’t aware of its true identity, then the alien aiding Earth by creating more heroes could be explained. It would also follow the comic’s Secret Invasion, where Hank was revealed to be a Skrull.


As one of the last original members of the Avengers, he could’ve been a target for the Skrulls for that reason. But, the intrigue with Hawkeye being a Skrull is more about what it’d mean for the characters, rather than him giving the Skrulls a big tactical advantage. Such a reveal would inevitably affect the Barton family, Wanda Maximoff, and even his future protege Kate Bishop, and it’d be a nice inverse on Hawkeye feeling betrayed by Mockingbird being a Skrull in the comic story.

2.Captain Marvel:

She was last seen at the end of Captain Marvel leaving with the Skrulls, so who’s to say the Carol that returned in Avengers: Endgame wasn’t a Skrull already? Perhaps this could even explain the slight personality and appearance differences between Carol’s introduction and Endgame role. Even if Carol hasn’t been a Skrull that entire time, the Skrulls know what she looks like and her powerset well enough to duplicate them any time they choose.

1.Nick Fury

In terms of a Skrull reveal that would have large ripples throughout the MCU, Nick Fury is one that makes sense from a narrative standpoint. He was introduced to the Skrulls in Captain Marvel but began working with them directly sometime after, with Spider-Man: Far From Home showing Fury with the Skrulls in space. The movie already showed that Talos could take Fury’s place and no one would notice, which sparked theories that this happened in the past too.

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