Shang-Chi Resumes Filming, Reveals A Massive Village Set

Still, any sign of progress is reassuring, especially since there were once concerns Marvel wouldn’t be able to start their productions again until next year. As the first Marvel movie centered on an Asian hero, there’s a lot of anticipation surrounding Shang-Chi, and fans are eager to learn anything new about the project. This new look at the set is especially intriguing, even if no actors can be seen. It at least gives fans an idea of what Shang-Chi will look like, and it’s pretty cool seeing it all come together. Now that things are moving once again, perhaps Marvel will share some new information soon.

Australian outlet 7NEWS (via chanma50 on Reddit) shared some aerial footage of the Shang-Chi set, which is in the process of being built. Fans can get a good look at an Asian village being constructed in the video, which also confirmed the Shang-Chi cast and crew has returned to the country. Filming is expected to begin again the coming days.

Production on Shang-Chi began in Australia earlier this year, and fans were offered quick glimpses at the set at that time. However, the coronavirus pandemic soon shut filming down, and director Destin Daniel Cretton even took a COVID test. While it came back negative, production remained suspended for months, just as it did for numerous other film shoots. Reports emerged last month suggesting Shang-Chi was aiming to begin again by the end of July, and that timeline seems to have held mostly true.

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