James Gunn Debunks Rumor Poison Ivy Appears In The Suicide Squad

Fans have certainly been waiting a while for more news on The Suicide Squad, and they’ll finally get some fresh teases later this month at DC FanDome. Gunn has already confirmed he will be present along with cast members from the film, and he’s bound to have some exciting reveals in store.

Many fans are likely hoping a trailer will be revealed, but as The Suicide Squad isn’t scheduled until August 2021, it might be too soon. Of course, anything could happen, and Gunn might actually have some first-look footage at his sequel-that-isn’t-a-sequel. Fans just have to wait a few more weeks to find out.

NEWS:Rumors have begun swirling online that new cast member Alice Braga is playing famous DC villain Poison Ivy. Gunn caught wind of these rumors and criticized supposed leaks online that treat everything as fact. When directly asked about a Poison Ivy appearance, Gunn firmly said “it’s not true. It’s BS like most stuff off this particular site,” referring to the website that originated the rumor.

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