Mulan Releasing Straight To Disney+ For $30 In September

Disney’s Chapek maintained that Mulan is a one-off, and other blockbusters like Black Widow aren’t being considered for a Disney+ release, this move is sure to have an impact on Hollywood as a whole.

Up until this announcement, Mulan was jockeying with Warner Bros’ Tenet to be the first major movie to hit theaters as they began to reopen. But while Warners chose to release Tenet to international markets before the U.S. – and it’s still not clear whether its current early September date will hold – Disney has opted to make Mulan available on streaming for a premium price while releasing theatrically simultaneously.

Depending on how well Mulan performs in both venues, it may impact the way studios release the rest of their 2020 movies. For now, movie fans will have to wait and see.

NEWS:Today, Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Chapek announced Mulan will release in the U.S. and other markets on the Disney+ streaming service Friday, September 4 for $29.99. Mulan will be available via Disney+ in the U.S., Canada, New Zealand, Australia and many Western European countries. The movie will also release theatrically on the same day in markets where movie theaters are open and Disney+ isn’t available.

Mulan was delayed from its original March 27 release date. It was moved to July 24, before being pushed again to August 21. Most recently, Mulan was removed from Disney’s release schedule as the film studio evaluated when and how to released the live-action remake

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