Benedict Cumberbatch Reportedly Preparing for Doctor Strange In the Multiverse of Madness Production

While filming for the Doctor Strange sequel is still in flux, this is as exciting of news as any knowing that the movie’s star is getting back into character before he suits up as the Sorcerer Supreme once again. The teases laid out from the first film along with the sequel’s cast and the addition of director Sam Raimi has fans more excited for the movie than almost any other in the MCU’s expansive Phase 4.

NEWS:A new piece from HongKongTatler.com has taken a look into the life of MCU star Benedict Cumberbatch on the promotional tour for his upcoming movie The Courier. The article gives a peek into his future MCU work as well, revealing that Cumberbatch is currently learning his lines for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, currently set to release in March 2022.

These movies take a considerable amount of time to make not only because of all the special effects and editing that must be done, but also to accommodate the schedules of the cast, some of whom have jam-packed schedules from being so in demand. This is the case with one of Marvel’s newer stars, who is already hard at work on his next Marvel Cinematic Universe movie releasing in almost two years.

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