Black Canary Actress Used Racist Backlash To Fuel Her Character

In the comics, Dinah is traditionally depicted as a white blonde woman, making Smollett’s casting something of a surprise. While most fans welcomed her with open arms, there was some backlash to her casting from racists who took issue with a Black woman taking over the role.

NEWS:In a new profile with THR, timed for the upcoming release of her new HBO series Lovecraft Country, Smollett admitted she knew of the backlash and used it to her advantage. Smollett has never previously spoken about the ridiculous controversy, making this the first (and potentially last) statement she’s given about it. “It brought a rage out inside of me, which was great for Canary,” Smollett said.

Smollett recently shared she would love to play Black Canary again in a Birds of Prey sequel, but so far nothing has been announced. Despite a very positive reception from critics and audiences, the film under-performed at the box office, thus putting its sequel plans into question. There are many who would love to see Smollett take on the Black Canary mantle once more, but only time will tell if she’ll actually get the opportunity to do so.

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