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G.I. Joe Spinoff Movie Snake Eyes Is Insane

If Golding’s thoughts on Snake Eyes are an accurate reflection of the film, all we can do now is speculate about what makes it so different. Is Snake Eyes so action-heavy that it puts other blockbusters to shame, or has the movie taken a grounded, character-focused approach to differentiate itself from what came before? The latter could be closer to the truth, as Golding said the movie is the opposite of superhero movies.

It’s even possible that one of the reasons Snake Eyes stands out is it could be seeking an R-rating, though no such plan has been officially announced for the film. Now that Golding is starting the hype train for Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins, hopefully it won’t be long before the first trailer is released.

NEWS:The star of Snake Eyes revealed on Twitter that he has seen a cut of the movie and has begun hyping the insanity that awaits viewers. Golding didn’t get too specific about what makes Snake Eyes so special in his mind, but he made a point to emphasize it isn’t the same type of “cookie cutter” blockbuster movie that Hollywood continues to make. Read his full reaction below:

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