Justice League Star Says Snyder Cut Clip Is Better Than Whedon’s Entire Movie

It will be interesting to see how many official videos and images are released before the Snyder Cut of Justice League debuts next year. Since audiences already know quite a bit about the plot of the film thanks to Snyder, it may make sense for HBO Max to hold off a bit on releasing more footage and stills from the movie.

However, it’s already been confirmed a teaser trailer for the Justice League Snyder Cut will drop during DC FanDome later this month. Those who watch will have to wait and see if Porter has a reaction to it, though, considering this weekend’s tweet, it’s likely to be a positive one.

NEWS:Soon after the Steppenwolf photo was released, Porter shared his thoughts on it and the previously released clip, comparing it to Whedon’s entire version of the movie. Check out his thoughts below:

It’s clear from his comments Porter isn’t mincing words. His is a bold claim that should make audiences even more excited about the Justice League Snyder Cut. However, despite Porter’s confident tone, his thoughts aren’t too surprising.

His part was completely eliminated from the theatrical version of the movie, so he has a vested interest in the Snyder Cut. Prior to the announcement of its release, Snyder confirmed Porter finished his voice and motion capture work for Justice League, which will finally be seen now.

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