Batwoman Season 2 Casting ‘The Whisper’ 

The first season of Batwoman was forced to end production early but was shaping up to have Hush and Alice as the major villains going forward.
It has also been reported that Scarecrow will be a main villain for season 2 and will be part of the reason Ryan Wilder becomes Batwoman. It’s said that Kate Kane’s disappearance will also be one of the main mysteries of season 2. Whether Scarecrow or one of the other villains is involved will likely be revealed later in the season.

REPORT:An Exclusively report by The Direct, via insider sources, that a new female villain going by the name “The Whisper” is being cast for Batwoman season 2. The casting call is open ethnicity and is seeking an actress in the 20-30 year age range.

It’s uncertain whether The Whisper is a pseudonym for the purposes of the casting call or if the villain will be based off the Whisper character from the comics.

While filming for the new season is still a while away, writing for season 2 has begun and a range of new faces will be joining the original cast when production resumes. There’s no word yet on exactly how the new lead character of Ryan Wilder will fit in to the already established cast, but there is already a lineup of new villains for her to face off against.

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