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Jared Leto Confirms Tron 3 With Emotional Post

With Disney being the owner of the Tron property, it only makes sense that they would look to revive the franchise amidst the growing interest to revive older franchises. And clearly, despite Tron: Legacy coming out ten years ago, there is still a large fanbase for the franchise.

Rumors of a film bringing back the characters from Legacy began to surface in 2010, but the project was eventually scrapped. Then, coming off of the positive reviews of Blade Runner 2049, Leto became attached to the movie in 2017.

NEWS:Now, Leto himself has confirmed on Instagram that he will be starring in the franchise’s newest chapter. Leto confirmed his involvement while also revealing that the people involved with Tron 3 have some exciting things planned for the next film in the series. Leto’s original Instagram post can be read in full below:

While there’s no telling when fans will see Tron 3, it’s reassuring that Leto seems so thrilled to be involved with the project. The Tron movie and video game clearly had an impact on him when he was younger, so Leto is likely just as excited to see Tron 3 get made as fans are. That being said, just because the film has found it’s star doesn’t mean Tron 3 won’t get stuck in development hell again. Fans are certainly hoping that won’t be the case, and Leto will likely do what he can to ensure progress on Tron 3 continues as planned.

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