Marvel Studios Rumored to Be Eyeing Joel Kinnaman-Type Actor for Role

Joel Kinnaman has led several films and series previously, having appeared as Rick Flag in Suicide Squad, RoboCop in the RoboCop reboot and in the lead role of Altered Carbon. Getting an actor that has similar ability to this is essential to being able to develop Kraven to the same level as previous MCU Spidey villains have.

RUMOR:According to Murphy’s Multiverse, Marvel Studios is rumored to be looking for a “Joel Kinnaman-type” to play an unspecified role in Spider-Man 3. Whilst the rumor does not explicitly mention which character this casting call is for, Charles Murphy speculates that this is most likely for the role of Kraven.
As Murphy states, this is similar to a previous rumor that Marvel Studios was looking for an “Alison Brie-type” for the role of She-Hulk, so this does not necessarily mean that Joel Kinnaman himself is being eyed

Who the next villain will be has been much debated, although Kraven the Hunter has been the popular choice among speculation and rumors. A new rumor may add some credence to the prospects of seeing Kraven in the upcoming film, with a type of actor being sought after by Marvel Studios…

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