SpongeBob Squarepants Spin-Off The Patrick Star Show Coming To Nickelodeon

Nickelodeon has been busy the last year after a long lull in their animated programming, with the Spongebob spinoffs and a CG-animated Star Trek show coming to the channel sometime in 2021. Still, this premise is pretty out there for the world of Spongebob.

It’s a formula that’s worked well with many unique spins, most recently with HBO Max’s The Not Too Late Show with Elmo, but Patrick doesn’t seem like the right character for it. His naive and bumbling nature could get tiring if it clashes too much with the format of a talk show.

NEWS:According to Deadline. The premise is that Patrick Star has his own talk show, and the series would revolve around him and his family, perhaps occasionally breaking the format of an actual talk show the way The Larry Sanders Show did. There’s no immediate word on whether the entire cast would be animated, or if guests will often be real people as they were on Space Ghost Coast To Coast, another animated character who was given his own late-night talk show.

Patrick is as well-known for his huggable design and dopey nature, helped greatly by Fagerbakke’s instantly recognizable voice acting. His voice will be doing most of the heavy lifting in a newly announced spin-off.

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