Ray Fisher Unleashes Scathing Remarks About Geoff Johns

From the initial tragedy that befell director Zack Snyder to the uncomfortable tales of what happened on set after Joss Whedon took over, it’s no wonder that the movie that was meant to be the DCEU’s highest pinnacle turned out to be so disastrous. Even more depth was just added to this story as well by the actor who had likely the roughest experience of anybody on set.

NEWS:In a scathing post on Twitter, Cyborg actor Ray Fisher revealed new information about his personal experience working on the production of the DCEU’s Justice League.
He told how, during the film’s reshoots in L.A., former DC Entertainment CCO Geoff Johns allegedly belittled Fisher’s attempt to take his own grievances up the chain of command, and even made a “thinly veiled threat” to Fisher’s career.

Fisher is the only actor to date to make these kinds of public claims against the higher-ups behind the DCEU, and there have been no statements from Whedon himself or anybody associated with the company confirming or denying what happened during production

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