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Jamie Foxx On Why He Is Playing Spawn in Movie Reboot

Foxx has shown to be very passionate about this project, and it’s nice to see him credit Black Panther for opening doors. Though Black Panther was not the first Black superhero solo film, its massive success and cultural footprint paved the way for movies like Spawn to continue to be made. While the 1997 version did cast a Black actor in the role, the film wasn’t seen by audiences as a serious superhero movie. Hopefully, an R-rated, horror adaptation of the beloved comic will be worth the wait for fans.

News:In an interview with Yahoo, Foxx shares that he is ready to play Spawn/Al Simmons in the upcoming reboot following the success of Black Panther. “I surprised Todd McFarlane,” said Foxx. “I said, ‘Bro, I know that one day you will do this movie, and I hope you will keep me in mind.’ What Black Panther did was let us know that it’s so necessary, and it’s the time. And Spawn is just an interesting character in itself. The heads that are being put together to bring you something special – look out.”

However, a statement by McFarlane in which he mentioned that “an academy award-winning guy” was leaving the project, was misinterpreted, and McFarlane explained that he was referring to a writer on the film instead of Foxx. Now Foxx, who is set to star in the movie, explains why he wanted take on this iconic character.

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