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Bloodshot Returns To Theaters On Aug 20.

The chances of Bloodshot launching a franchise depended on how well the film fared at the box office. Unfortunately, the movie barely made $10 million domestically. The film might not have received great reviews, but this performance isn’t entirely Bloodshot’s fault.

Theaters are starting to open again in the United States and across the world, and AMC Theatres has confirmed that Bloodshot is returning to cinemas. The film will be available on the big screen again starting on August 20th. AMC customers who see the movie will receive double points for these tickets. Bloodshot will also be available at Regal Cinemas at the same time, and likely in other chains around the world.

As unfair as Bloodshot’s release timing was, it remains to be seen whether or not the re-release will generate much business. A benefit that Bloodshot will have is that it will be one of a few “new” releases that will be in theaters when they open.

If people who decide to go to the movies at this time don’t want to rewatch something they’ve already seen, then Bloodshot will be a rare offering of new-ish content. And with most theaters opening with cheaper ticket prices for these films, perhaps audiences will be more willing to take a chance on Bloodshot or those who have become fans of it at home will journey to a theater to experience it on the big screen.

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