Fantastic Four: Marvel Studios Possibly Ramping Up Development

Marvel would likely want to establish the leader of the Fantastic Four rather than debuting him with the Illuminati, so it is appropriate that if an Illuminati project is in the works, a Fantastic Four flick would begin development.

Marvel Studios is reportedly planning to develop the popular Marvel’s Illuminati for a future project. In the comics, the Illuminati is a group consisting of numerous intelligent and wealthy members of the Marvel Universe, including Doctor Strange, Professor Xavier, Tony Stark, and you guessed it, Reed Richards.

REPORT:According to Charles Murphy of MurphysMultiverse.com, Disney has recently registered two new production companies, Solve Everything Productions and Grass-Fed Productions.
While the latter’s title raises multiple questions, the former hints towards Marvel’s first family. As seen in the image below, “Solve Everything” has a direct comic tie to Mr. Fantastic himself

All of this information is entirely speculative, but history indicates reason to dive deeper

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