New Rating has been given to WW84 Trailer ahead of Dc Fandome Event

The ambitious narrative of Wonder Woman 1984 has been teased in recent promo materials, ranging from Steve Trevor’s resurrection, Cheetah’s unusual dynamic with the titular character, and Maxwell Lord’s meticulous evil scheme. It’s possible that the new trailer will further provide context about these intriguing story elements while also bringing along exciting footage from the film.


A report from Trailer Track has revealed that a Wonder Woman 1984 trailer has been rated “G” by Quebec Ratings Board today.

The Wonder Woman 1984 panel from DC FanDome will feature “an all-new sneak peek at the upcoming film” and it is expected that this freshly-rated trailer will debut during the virtual affair.

There was a plan to release another trailer for the film, but it also experienced the same kind of delays. However, it looks like an exclusive look at the sequel will finally be unveiled at DC FanDome as evidenced by a new trailer rating.

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