Doctor Strange 2: Audition Tape Teases Potential Multiverse Storyline, Seemingly Confirms Character


America Chavez is noted for having the ability to travel the Marvel multiverse under her own power. And given that Strange will very likely be hopping around various dimensions and alternate realities in the film, it seems pretty likely that these two characters’ paths will cross.

As for the role she’ll play, it’s anyone’s guess. Perhaps she’ll be a protege of sorts to Strange as she learns to control her abilities. And just as Wanda herself was once a teenager with unwieldy powers, perhaps Chavez will find a kindred spirit in Maximoff.


Murphy’s Multiverse has uncovered an audition video that all but confirms the notion that America Chavez will appear in Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness

The bits of dialogue that stand out include: “A giant demon just took out a block of our city and tried to eat you.” “It didn’t try to eat me, it tried to abduct me.”
As well as “So, how familiar are you guys with the multiverse?” “Somewhat familiar. Just last year we attempted to open a rift in reality.”

And finally, “Let’s say this pizza is the multiverse. Here’s my home reality and over here is yours. They’re identical in some aspects but completely different in others.”

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