Filming For ‘The Falcon and WinterSoldier’ will Reportedly Resume Next Week

While this news still leaves The Falcon and the Winter Soldier without a definitive release date, this is some of the most exciting and concrete news that MCU fans have had in quite some time. As long as there are no further complications, this means that the show’s filming in the states should be complete before the end of Fall.


Exclusively obtained By ‘The Direct’ a production document that confirms The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is scheduled to resume production in Atlanta, GA in early September. This document was released today, so this means cameras are set to officially be rolling by next week barring no further delays or problems.

Marvel Cinematic Universe fans are especially antsy considering the multitude of new films in the works for Phase 4, along with the new expansion of at least eight new mini-series on Disney+. We at The Direct have obtained new information that should excite MCU fans, especially those who are anticipating the franchise’s small-screen future

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