Marvel Studios Reportedly Still Wants to Shoot ‘Doctor Strange-2’ in Newyork and Norway

The MCU sets itself apart from other universes in many ways, but one that has always stuck out is it’s ‘real world’ feel. These heroes live in cities we are all familiar with, from Brooklyn and Queens to Malibu and San Francisco. Sure, planets like Xandar and Nidavellir are (probably) not real, but everything about Earth feels legitimate. Relating to these larger-than-life characters is a whole lot easier when it feels like they live in a world we are all familiar with.


According to insider Christopher Marc, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is still set to use Longcross Studios in Surrey, England for its “homestead stage location,” but they intend to do exterior filming in both New York City and Norway

Fans will recognize Norway as an MCU location rooted with Asgardian history. There, Odin fought the frost giants, Johann Schmidt claimed the Tesseract, and the Asgardian refugees built New Asgard. Stephen Strange is no stranger to the God of Thunder, so perhaps his sophomore solo flick will bring him to the place defined by its people.

Marvel Studios infamously love their green screens. From the entire third act of 2012’s The Avengers to Nick Fury’s tranquilizer from Spider-Man: Far From Home, the MCU is not shy to utilize modern technology.

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