Star Wars: Daisy Ridley Says She Struggled to Find Work After The Rise Of Skywalker’s Release

Almost every big franchise star would likely tell you how comforting it is to take a break after years of hard, non-stop work. However, that usually doesn’t take away from their appreciation and love toward the experience and people they met along the way. No matter the backlash or controversy that the sequel trilogy riled up within the fan base, Ridley was always gracious of getting to be a part of Star Wars.


In an exclusive interview with Entertainment Weekly, Daisy Ridley gave a glimpse into her career following The Rise of Skywalker’s premiere in theaters. Specifically, Ridley highlighted her struggles to find work, and how “at the beginning of the year nothing was coming through.” 
Following this comment, she notes that “there were actually loads of things that [she] auditioned for” when the year kicked off, but unfortunately none of them panned out.
Ridley does mention that, in a way, “it was good mentally for” her to slow down:

“It was so sad to finish [Star Wars],” she says over Zoom from London. “When the film was released, I was like, ‘Oh my God.’ It was such a huge chapter. And, weirdly, the past few months of not having much… Obviously now it’s really nice to be working, but not having much [at the time] I feel like I processed the last five years. To be forced to slow down, it was good mentally for me because [Star Wars was] a big thing in my life.”

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