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Christopher Nolan Admits That Robert Pattinson Didn’t Ask for Batman Advice

Nolan’s excitement surrounding Pattinson’s iteration of the Batman is reassuring in many ways, especially considering the comment came from a director who handled one of the best superhero trilogies of all time in the form of The Dark Knight trilogy. If anything, this should indicate that Pattinson received an unofficial blessing of sorts from the director who redefined the Batman persona in numerous ways. 


While speaking with CNA, as reported by Slash Film, Tenet and The Dark Knight trilogy director Christopher Nolan shared that Robert Pattinson did not ask for “any advice” from him about playing the Caped Crusader. Nolan revealed that they “kept a respectful silence around the issue” while also expressing his excitement for Pattinson’s take on the character.

“He certainly did not ask me for any advice. We kept a respectful silence around the issue until very near the end of the shoot. We said a couple of things and made a couple of jokes. We did have a little bit of a conversation about the various aspects of what he was going to be putting himself through. But I was thrilled that he was cast, and I think he’ll do an amazing job. I’m really excited to see what he does with that character.”

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