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Now You See Me 2 Writer Wanted To Call It “Now You Don’t”

The Now You See Me films have been surprisingly fun popcorn entertainment, utilizing an effective combination of a talented cast and magical elements. While the sequel was a bit of a step back for the franchise in terms of its overall quality, there was still plenty of entertainment value to be had, and the potential for future installments remained strong. However, the sequel certainly could’ve used a far catchier title.

While “Now You Don’t” may have been rejected by the marketing team because it may have confused audiences, it could’ve simply been called “Now You See Me, Now You Don’t” in order to remind fans it’s a sequel to the first film. Regardless, fans are surely pleased Solomon agrees with their criticisms of the title for Now You See Me 2 and hope the sequel is a bit more creative.


During a Q&A on Reddit recently, screenwriter Solomon revealed that his original pitch for the title of Now You See Me 2 was different from what was ultimately used. When asked by a user why the sequel wasn’t titled “Now You Don’t,” Solomon simply responded, “That was my title idea but the marketing people said no.” Before the film was given the final title of Now You See Me 2, it was originally called Now You See Me: The Second Act.

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