James Gunn Talks About Considering Joker, Heroes & Obscure Villains For Sequel

From the onset, Gunn has been known to hype up fans for his films by revealing exclusive details that relate to his vision. It seems that the director took it up a notch with this wide array of tweets. As is, Gunn’s latest comments indicate his passion not just for the franchise but for the characters involved as well.


In a series of tweets, The Suicide Squad director James Gunn gave more tidbits about the 2021 film. While retweeting a tweet from a fan account, Gunn noted that he “considered many more well-known heroes and outlaws” for the film, but he wanted to “stick with [John] Ostrander’s original version of mostly second-rate antagonists:”

The outspoken director admitted that DC villain “Dog Welder” was considered to be part of the film, but he bared that he doesn’t want to see it “expressed cinematically” due to the fact that he is an animal lover:

More so, Kite Man was also considered, but the director “didn’t think it was the freshest way to go:”

Gunn also revealed that he “never seriously considered” dimension-hopping villain Bat-Mite to join Task Force X:

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