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Tenet Takes In $100 Million At The Box Office Worldwide

The film’s profit signal that audiences may not be as reluctant to return to theaters as studios feared. This is good news going into a fall and winter season that is chockfull of blockbusters, like Tenet, that were supposed to hit screens earlier this year. Wonder Woman 1984, Dune, and No Time to Die are still expected to hit theaters in the coming months and Tenet’s box office haul could determine whether or not studios decide to move forward with these releases or delay the films even further.

While we’ll never know how much Tenet would have made in a normal theatrical run, Nolan’s track record shows that Tenet could have opened with upwards of $100 million in the US alone on its opening weekend. However, $100 million worldwide isn’t exactly a disadvantageous position to be in in these increasingly unprecedented times.


Variety reports that the film is will hit $100 million internationally this weekend, and while this won’t be enough to save the box office, it is a promising start. Longevity is key in these uncertain times, and, with not much else being released, Warner Bros. is hoping that their film will have the endurance to turn a profit on Tenet’s $200 million budget.

The studio is hoping to at least cross the $450 million mark worldwide, and with its international take of $100 million this week, it seems possible that the film could cross that threshold. The film has also made $20 million in China this past weekend and is jockeying for the top box office spot, another promising indicator that the film will thrive amidst the uncertainty of its release.

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