Jasjit Williams and Saagar Shaikh in Talks for Ms.Marvel Disney+ Series

Ms. Marvel is finally building its cast. While Marvel Studios still has yet to name the actress who will be portraying the show’s central character, these first reports of actors attached to the series means that the Kamala Khan announcement should be coming soon.


The Direct is exclusively reporting that actors Jasjit Williams and Saagar Shaikh are in talks to join the upcoming Ms. Marvel series.
While we cannot confirm which characters they will be playing, our sources indicate that Jasjit Williams may be portraying Bruno Carrelli, known in the comics as a tech-savvy friend of Kamala Khan’s who is also a potential love interest. Similarly, Saagar Shaikh appears to be being eyed for the role of Aamir Khan, Kamala’s older brother.

If Jasjit Williams is, in fact, Bruno, he will join other supporting characters who are friends/ classmates with Kamala like Kamran and Nakia Bahadir. These castings make it clear that Ms. Marvel will spend considerable time fleshing out characters in Kamala’s peer group throughout the season.

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