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Mulan Director Explains Why Cutting Mushu Was A Necessary Decision

While Mulan might not be a shot-by-shot remake of the animated film that fans know and love, it still tells the same underlying story of bravery and heroism in the face of doubt.

Although some fans may remain disappointed by Caro’s removal of Mushu, this is still a film that deserves a chance. That being said, while Mushu’s sass might not be present in this version of Mulan, fans can rest easy knowing that the spunky dragon will never not be considered a Disney icon.


CinemaBlend reports that director Niki Caro believes that replacing Mushu was a necessary move for the 2020 version of Mulan. She explains that while Mushu was an indispensable character in the animated version of Mulan’s story, the live-action film required a narrative shift.

More specifically, Caro states that part of adapting the animated film into a live-action version meant committing “to the realism of [Mulan’s] journey,” which implies that wisecracking Mushu wouldn’t have been the best fit.

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