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Jeff Goldblum & Sam Neill Sing Duet After Jurassic World 3 Reuniting

The movie overall is somewhat shrouded in secrecy, though it has been revealed that the action takes place in multiple locations around the world including the snows of the Arctic (indeed, the global spread of dinosaur mayhem was teased at the end of Fallen Kingdom).

Even if Jurassic World: Dominion should fall short in thrilling audiences with its worldwide dinosaur action, the movie still has a definite nostalgia factor going for it with the reunion of the three main adult cast members from the first movie on tap. Obviously, nostalgia factor can also be a crutch for some movies, but hopefully the newest Jurassic World movie won’t fall prey to being overly reliant on fans’ fond remembrances of the original.


In celebration of getting back together on-screen nearly 30 years after first headlining Jurassic Park, Neill and Goldblum made a video performing a duet on the song “I Remember You,” which was a hit for pop singer Frank Ifield back in 1962 (and was originally featured in the Dorothy Lamour movie The Fleet’s In in 1942). See the charming video in the space below:

Goldblum of course has become a jazz musician in his very rich and varied life outside of being a movie actor, with two albums to his credit. Neill for his part has not embarked on such a musical career, but is one of many celebrities to have opened his own winery. What Neill and Goldblum’s duet lacks in musical chops, it definitely makes up for in sincerity and adorableness, as the two old co-stars celebrate their forthcoming on-screen reunion.

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