Giancarlo Esposito Teases Iconic Battle Between Moff Gideon & Din Djarin in The Mandalorian Season 2!

When we last left Mando, he was on a mission to find out more about The Child and where he came from. It certainly sounds like Gideon will play a crucial role in uncovering the mystery surrounding The Child all while taking Mando down a path that will further challenge his newfound morality and sense responsibility.


In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Esposito shared what audiences can expect his interactions with Mando in season two.

“I’ll be going toe-to-toe with Mando… It’s an iconic battle. I want to disarm him mentally as well. Who knows? Maybe there’s an opportunity to get him to fight some battles for me. You may think I’m a villain, but I’m trying to harness some energy and some powers for a path that could be best for all. You’ll get to see him be somewhat diplomatic and more of a manipulator.”

Audiences should also expect to see more action from Esposito’s Moff Gideon when it comes to the Darksaber, a legendary Mandalorian weapon with a Jedi connection.
“It’s so exciting for me to be in a show where I can wear a cape and own it, and where I can have a lightsaber and really own it,” says Esposito, who also insinuated he would be in command of “a larger vehicle, hint-hint.”

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