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Sony shifts’Spider-Man 3’Production to 2021

Filming will most likely be complete sometime by the Summer of 2021, meaning the studio must have given the Spider-Man threequel yet another production delay after the timeline that Tom Holland spoke of, with a plan to be done by February 2021.

The Winter 2021 window is referring to either January or February 2021, and while these months are far from the film’s initial Summer 2020 production timeline, after months of delays and uncertainty, it’s reassuring to hear that Spider-Man 3 has some concrete plans back in place.


The Direct has exclusively learned that Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios are planning to begin production for Spider-Man 3 in Winter 2021.

The production schedule was then rumored to have been delayed to Fall 2020, and then word of another delay came from Tom Holland himself, as the actor let slip in an interview that Spider-Man 3 was supposed to be finished filming by February 2021.

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