WandaVision Crew Seemingly Returns for More Filming

Talk has been quiet about WandaVision’s rumored return to production. While The Falcon and the Winter Soldier has been said to require nine more days of shooting to finish its filming, but it is unclear how much more WandaVision will need to finish.

However much it is, it should not have too much more left, considering the production held a wrap party back in March. This was despite the series not actually finishing production, but could indicate that it only has a little bit more to pass the finish line.


Torey Lenart is part of the camera crew for WandaVision, working as the digital utility for the production. She recently posted a new image to her Instagram story, announcing that she was back to filming for a production.

Evidence points towards the idea that Lenart is filming for reshoots of WandaVision, indicating that production for the Disney+ series has begun once again.

Lenart’s IMDb lists WandaVision as her most recent project, and is the only one on the list that was put on hold due to COVID-19.

Lenart also posted a recent photo, tagged as being in the Sequoia National Park. This points to the idea that she is now in California, lining up with WandaVision’s rumored shooting location of Los Angeles.

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