Umbrella Academy Season 2 Finale Was Rewritten Due To Freak Snowstorm

Ironically, given that extreme weather is most often created by visual effects in modern productions, most fans would have assumed that the snow in the finale was created the same way, or at least using fake snow. The fact that not only was it real, but unplanned, adds an extra layer of behind-the-scenes intrigue to season 2. One wonders if the notoriously fickle Canadian weather will have an impact on The Umbrella Academy season 3, and if the producers will have a contingency plan in place this time around.

And now, a behind-the-scenes video for that episode reveals that initially, the weather wouldn’t be changed by Harlan. However, an uncharacteristically early season snowstorm in Vancouver, the show’s shooting location that doubled for Dallas, meant that the show’s producers had to make a plan. In the video, Arya says that “tinkering with the script” became a “necessity,” with Page adding that the snow was written into the script as it wouldn’t melt and they couldn’t reschedule the day any longer. Page explains the solution they came up with:

Because we’ve established that the powers that Harlan has, which are obviously the powers that Vanya has and Vanya had a lot of influence over the weather in the first season, and now Harlan in this really, really wild state is causing snow to fall.

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