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Batman Director Matt Reeves Producing Netflix’s Hunt For Atlantis Movie

The synopsis for The Hunt for Atlantis reads: Years after the disappearance of her parents, brilliant NYU grad student Nina Wilde teams with cavalier ex-SAS British bodyguard Eddie Chase when a tech-billionaire sends them on a globe-trotting race to discover the legendary lost city. Subsequent titles revolved around the pursuit of the mythical sword Excalibur, the great hall of Valhalla, the Fountain of Youth and golden city of El Dorado.


Deadline reported that The Batman director Matt Reeves will be producing The Hunt for Atlantis. Not a lot of information has been revealed about The Hunt of Atlantis as of yet, but based on Reeves’ The Batman trailer and his previous works, fans can expect a thrilling action/adventure film with a lot of mystery. In addition, as Aaron Berg, who was once in talks of directing the Tales from the Borderlands movie, is a comedic actor, audiences can also anticipate some lighthearted jokes and exciting sequences.

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