Marvel Studios Artist Hypes Up ‘WandaVision’ Disney+ Show

It sure seems that WandaVision will be unlike anything Marvel Studios has ever done. Andy Park has worked on almost every MCU film since Thor. He’s seen a lot in his Marvel career, and for him to provide these high words of praise for the new Disney+ series, fans should be very excited for what’s in store.


Marvel Studios concept illustrator and visual development supervisor Andy Park recently shared a couple of Instagram posts of concept art keyframes from Captain America: Civil War, along with captions praising the upcoming WandaVision series in anticipation for the show’s release.

The caption reads:

I can’t wait for you all to watch WandaVision! It’s so good! I always enjoy painting Wanda aka Elizabeth Olsen. She’s a great character & such a great actress! And no, this isn’t a shot from the show. It’s a crop of a keyframe I did for Cap: Civil War.

Park also shared this piece of Vision concept art:

In anticipation of WandaVision (like my last post) Here’s another closeup of a painting from the past that I did for Captain America: Civil War. I had fun painting Vision b/c his MCU design is just so darn cool! You have @ryan_meinerding_art to thank for that! Again, I can’t wait to experience WandaVision with you all on @disneyplus ! So much good stuff in store.

Even though Park stated that these two concept art keyframes are not from the show, there’s no doubt that the airport battle from Civil War could factor heavily into the series. Wanda and Vision were on opposite sides of the Sokovia Accords argument, and the couple’s battle against each other ended with some catastrophic destruction.

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