Zack Snyder’s Justice League: Composer Teases “New Spin” for Superman & Wonder Woman Themes.

Tom Holkenborg confirms here that Hans Zimmer’s work on previous Zack Snyder films will be retained, although with a slightly new take. This familiarity with a fresh twist should be an exciting prospect for the upcoming score.


In a new interview with Forbes, Snyder Cut composer Tom Holkenborg, AKA Junkie XL, spoke about the upcoming miniseries and how its score differs from the theatrical version. Holkenborg noted that the miniseries will have a “new spin” on Hans Zimmer’s Superman and Wonder Woman themes, although the rest of the project’s themes will be entirely reworked.

“Besides the Man of Steel theme for Superman and the theme for Wonder Woman, which I have given a new spin, all the other themes for this movie are brand new,” he revealed. “Some of them I did the groundwork on four years ago, but as you grow as a composer, you look at what you did and maybe have a better way of doing it now or a better idea. It was inspiring. I would get an idea in my downtime and think, ‘Oh, let’s rework this thing. Let’s do that.’ Because I knew for a while that this was coming, I had the time and space to shape it into its best possible form.”

Holkenborg also spoke about how musical themes progress with a character over time, and that “you should come up with a theme that inspires you for that character” rather than retread familiar and traditional ground:

“Different characters have different musical statements to those same characters in the past. Much like their stories in the comics, they change and evolve over the years. So, what was a great theme for Superman in the 70s doesn’t mean that it is the right theme for Superman in 2013. When the director takes on a superhero character, and when a composer takes on the superhero character, they should do what feels right inside them.”

Holkenborg commented on the Snyder Cut itself, particularly its existence and the effort that was put into the original version of the fabled cut:

“To be honest, the reason why it’s called the ‘Snyder Cut’ is that there was a Snyder Cut. I knew quite a long time ago that this was in the works and that it existed,” he confirmed. “This was not decided overnight. I had already done a lot of work for this project. It’s so exciting to see this version of the movie finally coming alive. Zack put a lot of time into the original version, I put a lot of time into in the original version, so it is great to have closure and that this is finally coming out.”

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