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Ezra Miller’s The Flash Director Teases Terrifying, Epic & Funny Elements

Based off of Muschcietti’s words, it seems like fans can expect quite a thrill ride from The Flash. The word is out that Barry Allen will be exploring the DC multiverse and encountering Michael Keaton’s Batman in the process, but who knows what else he’ll find.


Via Twitter user TaurooAldebaran, a Q&A video was shared during FanDome featuring The Flash director Andy Muschietti. He said the overall tone of the film will “have everything:

“My Flash is not gonna be light or dark in tone. It’s gonna have everything. If you saw my previous movies like It and It 2, you’ll know that I like to put everything in it. So what you’ll see in Flash is very deep emotional story, but it’s also gonna be very funny hopefully and a great, epic adventure at the same time. And also terrifying sometimes.”

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