Marvel Reportedly Casting LGBTQ+ Character For Ms. Marvel Disney+ Series

With production so close to starting for Ms. Marvel, the studio seems to be all in on finding the perfect cast for the show in the next couple of months. The show has already cast Jasjit Williams and Saagar Shaihk in undisclosed roles, and calls have gone out for Kamala’s brother and best friend, with still plenty more supporting roles to cast along with Kamala herself.


According to a new report from insider Charles Murphy on Murphy’s Multiverse, a casting call has been released for two new supporting characters in the cast of Ms. Marvel. Both are hidden under code names but are recognizable to fans as Kamala’s friend Zoe Zimmer (young white actress, age 16-20) and her eventual sister-in-law Tyesha Hillman (black actress, 27-33).

Zoe and Tyesha both play a big part in Kamala’s life in Marvel comics, and they seem to be the most likely specific characters that the studio is looking for with this announcement. Zoe is also LGBTQ+ in the comics, having come out as a lesbian after initially having a high school boyfriend. She befriends Kamala and Nakia (Kamala’s best friend) and develops a crush on Nakia, though Zoe avoids confronting Nakia about this interest due to her fear of it runing their relationship.

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