Supergirl Season 6 Will Be the Last in Series!

With an ever-expanding Arrowverse lineup, it was almost inevitable to see at least one of the CW’s superhero shows come to a close. With five series on the air, and an additional one still to come in the form of Superman and Lois, it is likely that the CW wants to have some breathing room for all of its series.

Superman and Lois being focused on a ‘Super’ character may be a partial reason for this decision, not wanting to oversaturate the network’s channel with too many similar shows. This does leave the option for Benoist to return to the role, possibly as a guest appearance or recurring role in the series.


In a new report, The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Supergirl’s sixth season will mark the end of the series.
Like its first season, Supergirl Season 6 will feature 20 episodes and will release in 2021. Production for the last season begins this month

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