A Prequel To ‘The Suicide Squad’ Set on John Cena’s Peacemaker is in The Works at HBOMAX!

HBO Max has given a straight-to-series order for an eight-episode first season with Gunn writing all eight and directing several episodes, including the first. Cena will reprise his role from the upcoming movie for what will explore the origins of the character.


The Hollywood Reporter shared in a report that HBO Max “has given a straight-to-series order” for Peacemaker, which will star John Cena in the titular role alongside James Gunn as the show’s writer and director. The report revealed that it will have an “eight-episode first season:”

As is, the news of John Cena’s Peacemaker character receiving his own prequel spinoff series came out of nowhere, but this presents a rare opportunity for the DCEU to do something different for the franchise. More so, this development somewhat confirms that Peacemaker is an integral part of The Suicide Squad, and it will be interesting to see how huge his role is in the narrative.

It remains to be seen if other characters from The Suicide Squad will receive their own spinoffs, but the imminent arrival of Peacemaker provides strong evidence that more stories could be unraveled down the line. Given that production for Peacemaker will not start until early next year, it’s a safe bet that the series could arrive after the debut of The Suicide Squad (barring any delays). That said, this means that the prequel series will provide an in-depth look at Cena’s anti-hero character while also giving more context on what The Suicide Squad already presented to fans.

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